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Battle of Scajaquada Creek Bridge

by Bill Parke On August 2, 1814, after the fierce Battle of Lundy’s Lane, American troops were entrenched around Fort Erie, Canada, just across the Niagara River. British Lt. Gen. Drummond was eager to cut off their supplies arriving from [...]

Black Rock Under Siege: A Call to Arms

by Doreen DeBoth The first event commemorating the bicentennial of the War of 1812 was held on Squaw Island just northwest of the International Bridge. The merry men of the Black Rock Militia built a huge bonfire of wood pallets. [...]

Capture of the Ships: Detroit and Caledonia

by Warren Glover September 8, 1812, Commodore Isaac Chauncey of the United States Navy, commanding the naval department including Lakes Erie and Ontario, with headquarters in Sackett’s Harbor, New York, dispatched Lt. Jesse Duncan Elliott (1782 to 1845), a young [...]

Expert Marks Site of War of 1812 Events

by Doreen E. DeBoth For the past six months the Historic Restoration committee of the Black Rock-Riverside GNPA has been researching and inviting experts to their meetings to discuss the major battles that took place in Black Rock and [...]

Lt Col Bishops Raid on Black Rock in the War of 1812

by Warren Glover Charles Cecil Bisshopp was born in West Sussex, England in 1783 and joined the First Foot Grenadiers as an Ensign in March, 1799. One year later he was promoted to Lieutenant in his regiment, equal to [...]

The Battle of Black Rock

by Warren Glover Brig. Gen. George McClure was commanding the New York State militia defending Fort George, captured earlier in Upper Canada, in 1813. He then decided to abandon this post on December 10, 1813, as harsh winter conditions [...]

North – West Buffalo and the War of 1812

You’ve heard the phrase “History Happened Here.” That is certainly true in areas of north-west Buffalo called “Black Rock Village” and “Conjockety Creek” and vicinity during the War of 1812. Today these communities are known as Scajaquada Creek, Buffalo’s [...]

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