Who We Are

Our Mission

The Black Rock Historical Society was established in 2011 to preserve the heritage and history of the neighborhoods and people associated with the area defined as Black Rock in the City of Buffalo. Most easily identified as the current neighborhoods of Black Rock and Grant Amherst the heritage and culture of these communities have been tied together from the beginning, before the City of Buffalo when it was the Village of Black Rock. Telling this story is the culmination of many years of work to define and recognize these long-forgotten neighborhoods. The BRHS is a 501c3 organization.

Sponsors & Grantors

Special thanks to our sponsors and grantors for our 2019-2020 projects and events.

  • New York State
  • County of Erie
    • Thank you to Erie County and Legislator Peter Savage for their Community Neighborhood Development Funding for 2019
  • City of Buffalo
  • West Side Youth Development Coalition
  • Baird Foundation
  • Fatta Foundation
  • Pomeroy Foundation

An additional thank you to the Riverside Review for publishing original articles in their newsletter.


  • Jeanine Baran
  • William Butler, President
  • Doreen DeBoth, Museum Curator
  • John Dracup, Treasurer
  • Warrem Glover
  • Mary Ann Kedron
  • Mark Peszko, Vice President
  • Suzanne Pilon
  • Rebecca Torres, Secretary


  • Doreen DeBoth
  • Bogdan Fundalinski
  • Scott Glasgow
  • Mary Ann Kedron
  • Joseph Korona
  • Robert Niemiec
  • Mark Peszko